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John Clayton's blog now lives here!

I wrote my first blog post in October, 2003, powered by a website called Blogger. As a Montana author, writing about the history of the West in this new medium seemed worthwhile. I wrote about tribalism: the way communities seemed to be sorting themselves into like-minded folk. Little did I know that blogging was the first iteration of online tools that would worsen that very problem.

I posted quite a bit that first year or two; it felt like part of the creative process when I was writing The Cowboy Girl. Later that process evolved, blogging and other social tools evolved, and as I've written more recent books about Yellowstone and John Muir, I haven't posted so much. For technical reasons that even I didn't understand, I migrated to And now that I can again fully incorporate the blog into my website, I'm moving it here.

If you'd like to follow me here, I'm honored. Of course you can also subscribe to my far-less-frequent newsletter, or connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, or even (if you must) Twitter, or send me an email to say hi. Thanks!


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