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John Clayton writes narrative nonfiction for magazines and websites. (Journalists call these feature stories "longform" to distinguish them from shorter forms such as op-eds). 

Big Sky Journal
montana quarterly
mountain journal
Refelctions West
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The Glidden Auto Tour, famous in its day, made its final run along Montana’s barely passable Hi-Line Route. In Montana Quarterly (fall 2022):

The nine-day Glidden Tour of 1913 was the first automobile-based planned road trip through Montana. Discomforts and mechanical problems limited participants to an average of only 178 miles per day. 

But the Glidden Tour glitters because it was the first Montana event to see the road trip as a destination itself, rather than a mere journey. And one surprise is how wrong its vision was of how road-tripping should work.

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When touring was tough

Montana Quarterly Cover

In Big Sky Journal (summer 2022): The Mountain West in the 2020s has been characterized by increasing crowds. In 2021, Montana’s Flathead County grew by 3.5 percent and Billings was briefly ranked as the top emerging market in the entire nation. By February 2022, the median value of a single-family home in Montana’s Gallatin Valley was $896,000. In 2021, Yellowstone National Park’s 4.9 million visits represented the most ever and a 44 percent increase over 2011; Glacier’s 3.1 million visits were a 63 percent increase. In many areas, restaurants, campsites, and trails are oversubscribed.

This sudden influx has historical precedent. An early-1900s trend, often summarized by the catchphrase See America First, brought waves of tourists and transplants who defined the region’s culture and economy for decades. If we’re wondering what happens next, we could start by looking at what happened then.

See America First

Glacier: See america first

In Montana Quarterly (fall 2021): Like the horse, railroad, tractor, and cellphone, the all-electric vehicle (EV) is a technology that will transform life in Montana. We are about to see how that transition will play out.

            “Electric pickup trucks like the F-150 Lightning will be a game-changer,” says Kyla Maki, who works on electric vehicle and alternative fuels for the Montana Department of Environmental Quality. In May, Ford announced the 2022 release of an all-electric version of America’s most popular pickup truck, starting at about $40,000. 

            With up to $7,500 in federal tax credits, the truck could have cost parity with gas-powered pickups. In early reviews, Motor Trend said that it will also have improved ride and handling, going from zero to 60 in 4.4 seconds. The only question, then, will be the question hanging over the entire EV sector in a vast, sparsely-populated state. 

            How will you charge it?

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Montana's electric vehicle frontier

John Clayton's MTQ EV article

The "Named Highway Trilogy" 

I wrote about the very first automobile roads, which had names instead of numbers. And I did it as a trilogy, because much great art, like "The Naked Gun," comes in trilogies.

  1. We meet the granddaddy of named roads, and investigate its curious recent Wyoming resurgence.

  2. Going very deep on named roads, this episode, like The Naked Gun 2½, is arguably the funniest of the three, and the most relevant to today’s politics.

  3. A Grand Unifying Theory of named roads: all roads lead to Yellowstone

Car stuck in mud on named Wyoming highway
Stephen Leek and elk

Father of the Elk, Stephen Leek

(November 2020)

Stereoscopic photo of Yellowstone's castle geyser

Seeing double in Yellowstone

John Clayton's MTQ article on Charles Le Raye in MTQ

The unbelievable journey of Charles Le Raye

Big Sky Journal

(Flyfishing, 2021)

Montana Quarterly

(spring 2021)

Unavailable online
crow hunters

When White People Stopped Indigenous Elk Hunts In Jackson 

Mountain Journal

(October 2020)

Misson 66 sign
Blaise Arsenault cartoon about bear hanging

Modernist architecture comes to Wyoming

Hang-ups: Mishaps from bear country

(September 2019)

Outside Bozeman (2017)

Scenic river

Essay: "A place no longer special"

THINK Journal

(Winter/Spring 2020)

Unavailable online
Map of Yellowstone National Park

Why does Yellowstone lap over into Montana?

The ultimate Yellowstone

bear story

Big Sky Journal

(late winter 2020)

Big Sky Journal

(summer 2020)

John Muir's first mountain stream in Tennessee

John Muir's first mountain stream


(Autumn 2019)

Calamity_Jane_(1953) movie still



Big Sky Journal

(winter 2020)

Old Faithful Inn interior

Wyoming's "parkitecture"  

(March 2019)

Lake mcdonald in Glacier National Park
prerogative kitchen restaurant logo
Jackson Pollock painting titled going west

Lake McDonald's hidden history

It's my


Jackson Pollock's Wyoming

Big Sky Journal
(Autumn 2019)

Montana Quarterly

(summer 2019)


(July 2022)

Mammoth Hot Springs in 1885

John Muir in Yellowstone
(August 2018)

Woman feeding bear in Yellowstone

The meaning of Yellowstone's bears

Big Sky Journal

(Summer 2018)

castle geyser by Thomas Moran

Thomas Moran's quest

Big Sky Journal 

(early 2019)

drinking and reading

How I conquered my addiction to memoirs about drinking

a humorous essay for

Points in Case
(June 2019)

betsy ross painting
BioPics of forbidden love

Slack thread under a photo of Betsy Ross' new flag design

Bio-pics of forbidden love

a humorous essay for

Points in Case
(July 2019)

a humorous essay for

Points in Case
(August 2019)

Points West magazine article

Camp Monaco: Buffalo Bill Cody's last hunt
(October 2017)

Montana river scene
Grass to feed beef cattle

Last floats
of the Bighorn

"Dear restaurant, Please tell me about my grass"

Montana Quarterly

(Winter 2018)

An essay for Writers on the Range (October 2017)

National forest scene near Yellowstone

Yellowstone and the world's first national forest

(June 2017)

WIlderness scene

What it means to work the wilderness

an essay for 

High Desert Journal

(April 2017)

John Muir

Montana's conservation-vs.-preservation divide

Montana Quarterly

(fall 2017)

Selected previous work

A.A. Anderson and the Yellowstone Forest Reserve (, 2017)

The man who invented dude ranching (Magic magazine, 2017)

Ansel Adams in Yellowstone (Big Sky Journal, 2016, unavailable online)

Steve Mather and the founding of the National Park Service (Magic magazine, 2016)

Understanding the 1988 Yellowstone fires (Points West, 2016, unavailable online)

How to survive a Montana snowstorm (Last Best News, 2014, unavailable online)

John Steinbeck's Montana (Montana Quarterly, 2015, unavailable online)

More previous work

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