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Media appearances

John Clayton's interviews, op-eds, and media appearances. 



At NPR's OnPoint, Meghna's follow-up interview with John (and others), "What Climate Change Means For America's National Parks" (June 2021)

At, "Trump and Ryan Zinke may want to shrink national monument boundaries — but history points the other way" (August 2017)

At, "Racism and Race Horse" on the implications of the Supreme Court's 2019 Herrera decision, which largely validated Indian tribes’ treaty-reserved off-reservation hunting rights (October 2020)

For A Podcast Runs Through It, an interview about Natural Rivals (April 2020)

At Newsweek, the misleadingly-titled "Is Trump about to sell off our national parks?" (October 2017)

At, "America's most egregious 'federal land grab' was in 1891" (May 2017)

At John's previous blog, "When rivals collaborate" (June 2019)

For KTVQ news, an interview "Yellowstone author John Clayton on Montana This Morning" (October 2017)

At High Country News, "I’m thinking of naming my dog 'Obamacare'" (June 2016)

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