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A book by John Clayton and the Carbon County Historical Society collects historic photos of Red Lodge, Montana. The book provides the most readable overview of the history of this mining-town-turned resort.

This is the only book to concisely trace Red Lodge history through historic photographs. The majority of the images are from the collections of the Carbon County Historical Society and Museum. Other images have been specially donated for this project from private collections of local residents. With a quick yet visually compelling review of several topics important to Red Lodge history, this book will be of keen interest to those with a curiosity about Red Lodge history. It is the most comprehensive collection of historic area photographs ever published.

The book has numerous pictures of Red Lodge's charming downtown district, most of which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition, many rarely-seen photographs cover the construction of the Beartooth Highway, which snakes through alpine tundra over 10,000 feet in elevation, and which Charles Kuralt once called the most scenic highway in America. John's research into that story was featured in Montana Magazine.

The book's first sentence is: "Whether it's coal mining, architecture, natural splendor, or pink elephants, Red Lodge history has something for everyone."

"Red Lodge" is part of the Images of America series published by Arcadia Publishing, a nationwide publisher specializing in local history books.


"Old photos hold a special fascination. They capture a place, a people at a particular point in history and allow us to see so much. . . The book tells much about Montana development. And its trip back in time will only make a visit to Red Lodge more enjoyable as the shots and cutline information are matched against the community of today." -Chris Rubich, Billings Gazette

"[this book] is distinguished from other works about the town by the great number of photos featured" -Joyce Dalton, Carbon County News

"From the worst coal-mining disaster in the state's history to the zigzag construction of the Beartooth Highway, John Clayton tells the history of Red Lodge through photographs, mined from the archives of the Carbon County Historical Society." -Kristi Niemeyer, State of the Arts

"The book is a good choice for people with a casual interest in Red Lodge history, who don't want to root through CCHS and Carbon County News archives or read detailed history books hundreds of pages in length." -Gary Robson, Local Rag

ISBN: 0738556262 or 978-0738556260

How to order:

Arcadia Publishing distributes through bookstores and other retail outlets nationwide; if your local bookstore isn't carrying the book, they can surely order it for you using the ISBN above. If you would prefer to order online, you can visit the book's page, or use your favorite other online bookseller. To go "straight to the source," consider buying from the the Carbon County Historical Society Museum Mercantile Store, so that profits from book sales will accrue to the organization that originally preserved the photographs.

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