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Welcome to the website of Montana-based nonfiction writer John Clayton. John is an independent journalist, essayist, historian, and business ghostwriter. On this site you can learn more about his work in each of those areas.

As a journalist and essayist, John writes primarily about the people and places of the rural American West. His book Stories from Montana's Enduring Frontier collects many of those stories. His major previous book is The Cowboy Girl, a biography that takes the "old west" of cowboys and homesteaders deep into the 20th century, through the life of Caroline Lockhart, who both lived in and wrote about those worlds. John also gives talks and has written many articles and previous books on similar (and a few not-so-similar) subjects.

As a business writer, John primarily works for software companies and management consulting firms. He writes or ghostwrites white papers, case studies, magazine articles. . . anything that needs to be communicated through the written word. You can find a list of recent projects (many of them available on the Web) here.

John has kept a blog in the past, and often threatens to start posting again. Until then, you can follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, or (even though he hates it) Twitter.

Please use the column on the left to navigate throughout the site. If you have any questions or comments for John, don't hesitate to email info at Thanks for visiting!

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