Small Town Bound

Your Guide to Small Town Living, from
Determining if Life in the Country Lane is for You, to
Choosing the Perfect Place to Set Roots, to
Making your Dream Come True

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Small Town Bound

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by John Clayton

ISBN:  trade paperback 0-7388-4329-6

If you're an urbanite seeking to improve your quality of life, Small Town Bound helps evaluate your motives for moving and helps you understand small town culture. Sprinkled throughout the guide are interviews with people who have successfully made the move out of the city. This book will help you determine what type of community will make you happy, how to find a job, and how to adjust to your new surroundings.

Not a directory of places to move, Small Town Bound actually helps you determine the environment best suited to your personal needs. The book also serves as a social guide and focuses on the different relationships small town residents will have with their communities.

Topics covered include:

* Attributes of small town life

* Cost of living

* The value of a career

* Traffic factors in growing communities

* Percentage of newcomers vs. natives

* Educational level of residents

* The value of relatives and friends

* Relationship to government

* Meeting new people

* Getting involved

Here's what reviewers said about Small Town Bound:

"This book is full of good advice and insight." - Borders Books, Chicago

"Explains how to choose a town and, more importantly, how to fit in and support yourself once there." - USA Today

"Sage advice to help transplanted small-town residents adjust and contribute meaningfully to their new communities." -Mountain Living Magazine

"What sets this book apart is this kind of honesty and directness... His candor, based on keen observation, is refreshing and certain to get you really thinking about the things that matter most." -Sticks, the newsletter "for people who are serious about moving to the country."

"A no-nonsense book that could help disgruntled urbanites make an informed decision before hitting the highway." -Betsy Marston, High Country News

"This deserves ongoing mention as an excellent guide for any who would live in the country or in a small town: it's not a directory of destinations but a self-help title designed to help readers analyze their motives for moving and their abilities to assess environments." -Reviewer's Choice, Midwest Book Review

"The book thoroughly covers important topics such as the attributes of small town life, cost of living, career opportunities, getting involved in a new community and the relationship that small town residents have to local government. The information is spiced by commentaries that relate the experiences of small town residents and people who have moved to new communities." -Small Town Magazine

"The great value of Small Town Bound, which really has a useful purpose for any family moving anywhere in America, is it encourages readers to ask the right questions." -Todd Wilkinson, Jackson Hole News


Small Town Bound received no small amount of national publicity. What surprised John the most was a piece in Harper's Magazine. Here is John's response.

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